Birthplace of a Union to be Reborn as a Museum

Brothers and Sisters:

As many of you know, Local 1 in St Louis Missouri has taken on a challenging project. Local 1 is restoring the boarding house that Henry Miller stayed in while he and 8 other founding fathers organized the IBEW. For those who are unfamiliar with who Henry Miller is, Henry is the founder of the IBEW.

On February 9th, the members of Local 292 passed a motion to support Local 1 by purchasing a granite bench.  The bench will be a lasting feature of this very important piece of our history.

There are many ways to show support of this project. Local 292 would be happy to forward any personal donations to Local 1. Also, any member may, if they choose, send donations directly to Local 1.  Checks or money orders can be made payable to the Electrical Workerss Historical Society: IBEW Local 1, 5850 Elizabeth Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63110, or donate online at

If you choose to donate on your own, please see the attached link. There is a brief article and the list of funding levels.

Please show support of this project as it is who we are and where it all began.