To all Union Members of Local Union 292 IBEW:

Election Systems and Software (ES&S) has been working in coordination with your Union Election Board to provide the materials and equipment necessary to conduct an efficient, secure, and accurate election experience for voting members. Included in these services was the creation and mailing of voting materials to each Union Member.  We regret to inform you that ES&S made an error when compiling the materials to be included in your voting packet, inadvertently placing your name and address on the “Secrecy Envelope”, rather than the Reply Envelope.

The Union Election Board was very clear in their intention to have no unique identifying marks on the Secrecy Envelope. This way, Union members could mark their ballot and insert it in the Secrecy Envelope, which is then inserted into the Reply Envelope. The Union Election Board could then process the returned packets and separate the marked ballot from any information that could identify the voting member. By inadvertently marking your name and address on the Secrecy Envelope, the ability for the Board to ensure that each voting member’s ballot cannot be tied to their personal information was eliminated.

To guarantee the privacy of the voter, the Union Election Judge has decided to resend the voting packet to each Union member. Any returned packets from the initial mailing will not be counted in the official election results. Should you still have your ballot and return envelopes, you may disregard them.  The new packet with the corrected Secrecy Envelope will be mailed the week of June 5th. As a result, all voted ballots shall be returned by Jun 26th, 12:00pm. Opening of returned packets and counting of the votes will begin on June 27th. Results shall be posted on the Local 292 Website, www.ibew292.org, in the Members section. If a runoff is required, runoff ballot packets will be mailed out the week of July 3rd, and shall be returned by  July 17th, 12:00pm.  Opening of returned packets and counting of the votes will begin on July 18th. Any Officers elected in a Runoff Election shall be installed at the August General Membership Meeting.

Election Systems and Software apologizes for the inconvenience this brings to the IBEW Union members. We can assure you that these corrective actions are taken with your best interest in mind, to deliver a secure, accurate, and anonymous voting experience. If you have questions, you may contact the Election Judge, Matt Harris, at Electionjudge2017@ibew292.org or (952) 452-3071.


Kevin Kerrigan

Vice President, Election Operations