Governor Walz Latest Executive Orders 5/13/2020

***Here are some details and links to the latest executive orders from the Governor as of May 13,2020.

Executive order 20-54 provides for stronger worker protections for workers who communicate that they feel unsafe at work because an employer may not be taking the proper recommended safety precautions amid COVID-19.

This executive order spells out the easing of the stay at home order and the opening of retail business as well as the projected opening of bars and restaurants. Guidelines are to be followed and a plan is to be submitted.

Workers who can work from home should continue to do so Strongly encouraged to wear masks when going out At risk people should still stay at home Gatherings of 10 or more are prohibited, social distancing must still be used Further retail can open, following recommended guidelines

Plan formulating for further opening by June 1

These latest decisions by the Governor were real difficult. There has been a lot of political pressure on the Governor to “open things back up”. Looks like he is really trying to balance all of this. Hopefully this approach will not endanger more lives while infusing the economy slowly. I’m sure all of this weighs heavily on the Governor and the staff.

All the executive orders can be found here