Meeting is Thursday, April 21, 2016 at 6pm in the Guy Alexander Conf and Training Room,       

312 Central Avenue SE, Minneapolis


Meeting is Thursday, March 17, 2016 at 6pm at the Guy Alexander Conf and Training Room, 312 Central Ave SE.



The dramatic story of the "Uprising of the 20,000" the 1909 Shirtwaist strike, is told through vignettes that explore immigrant women's lives in turn-of-the century New York.



Meeting is Thursday, February 18, 2016 at 6pm at the Guy Alexander Conf and Training Room, 312 Central Ave SE.


Memphis sanitation workers who organized with AFSCME in 1968 to demand living wage, respect, and their rights to bargain collectively.



Meeting is Thursday, January 21, 2016 at 6pm at the Guy Alexander Conf and Training Room, 312 Central Ave SE.


What's with the "FL" in "DFL"? Minnesota's Peculiar Political History

There is a Democratic Party in every state in the country, but only in Minnesota has it been known as the "DFL," the "Democratic Farmer-Labor Party."



Meeting is Thursday, December 17,  2015 at 6pm at the Guy Alexander Conf and Training Room, 312 Central Ave SE.


Ford - Twin Cities Assembly Plant; A Job and a Family

Since 1925, Ford Motor Company has operated a manufacturing plant on the banks of the Mississippi River in Saint Paul's Highland Park Neighborhood, employing thousands of workers.



Meeting is Thursday, November 19,  2015 at 6pm at the Guy Alexander Conf and Training Room, 312 Central Ave SE.

Harlan Country USA


Barbara Kopple's Acadamy Award-winning hHarlan County USA unflinchingly documents a grueling coal miners' strike in a small Kentucky town.

Meeting is Thursday, October 22,  2015 at 6pm at the Guy Alexander Conf and Training Room, 312 Central Ave SE.

The Grand Army of Starvation

A Nationwide rebellion brought the United States to a standstill in the summer of 1877.  Eighty thousand railroad workers walked out, joined by hundreds of thousands of Americans outraged by the excesses of the railroad companies and the misery of a four-year economic depression.







Meeting is Thursday, May 28, 2015 at 6pm at the Guy Alexander Conf and Training Room, 312 Central Ave SE.


Wobblies and Robber Barons

Join labor historian Peter Rachleff as he provokes a conversation between the present and the past, the past of Minnesota's Iron Range in the era of World War I. He will explore the lives and struggles of immigrant miners and their affiliation with the Industrial Workers of the World, popularly known as the Wobblies, in their confrontation with Andrew Carnegie and his minions, and he will trace their impact on Minnesota's labor history.


Information on Peter Rachleff's East Side Freedom Library (in St Paul) can be found on his website: http://eastsidefreedomlibrary.org/ - 1105 Greenbrier St, St Paul (map)

April History Committee Meeting

Meeting is Friday, April 17, 2015 at 6pm at the Bell Museum of Natural History, 10 Church St SE, in South Minneapolis. We will be watching the movie 'Wisconsin Rising' and having a panel discussion with the producer. The IBEW Van will be leaving the hall at 5:15pm, call Carl at 612-617-4224 to RSVP your spot.


There is no meeting on April 23rd.

March History Committee

meeting is March 26, 2015 at 6pm. We are still working on the details.






February History Committee

meeting is February 26, 2015 at 6pm. We are still working on the details, call  612-617-4224.

Movie: Proud Valley 1940

Proud Valley 1940 In a Welsh coal mining valley, a young man with a beautiful singing voice is called upon to make the ultimate sacrifice when a pit disaster threatens. This is a very good film that gives a rare glimpse of Welsh life that has long since passed. The film begins in Wales just before WWII and a wandering American (Paul Robeson) wanders into town. Despite being a black man, almost everyone accepts him and he is soon a valued member of the community. He also is an important part of the local choral group--something VERY important in this culture. In fact, throughout the film is lots of lovely Welsh singing--and it's perhaps the best part of the movie. But, it's also a great portrait of a way of life that has passed--the grim life of a coal miner. Their struggle is chronicled in this film--with strikes, mining disasters and the like.






January History Committee / Movie Night 4th Thursday Jan 22 at 6pm

in the Guy Alexander Conference and Training Room

Movie: Clockwork

Frederick Winslow Taylor (1856-1915), the original efficiency expert, is considered the father of scientific management. By timing workers' movements, Taylor developed standards for how quickly jobs should be done. This classic documentary, used in business history and economics classes for more than 25 years, links Taylor's life and work with the 19th century motion studies of Eadweard Muybridge, the films of Frank Bunker Gilbreth, and the advent of computer controlled machine tools in the mid-1970s.






December History Committee / Movie Night Thursday the 18th, 6pm

Guy Alexander Conference and Training Room, 312 Central Ave SE, Minneapolis







November History Night Thursday the 20th, 6pm

- Movie selection is "Slavery by Another Name", including a review of Labor Law history.









September's History / Movie Night is Thursday the 18th at 6pm, 2nd floor of 312 Central Ave SE in the Guy Alex Conf Room. We'll be watching the 1913 Massacre, about a Union Christmas Party during a Copper Mine strike where someone yelled fire and 74 people died. There was no fire, and the media was used to spin the story.






The August History Committee Meeting has been cancelled. The next meeting is planned for Thursday, September 18th at 6pm.

On Thursday July 10th at 6pm meet the History Committee at 3rd and 7th in the North Loop near Target Field to learn about the 1934 Trucker's strike from a Labor Historian, Dave Riehle. 

The IBEW 292 Van will give a ride to members from the Hall's Parking lot at 5:15pm.




July 80th Anniversary of 1934 Trucker's Strike



IBEW 292 Movie Night | 

Next Movie Night is May 15 at 6pm. Movie is "Labor's Turning Point" about the Minneapolis 1934 Trucker's Strike.



March 20th is "With Babes and Banners" for Women's HistoryMarch-2014_History-Flyer.pdf

April 17th is the next movie night. Contact Carl if you have an idea. 

May 15th we'll be watching Labor's Turning Point-MPLS Truck Strikes

June and July we'll be touring the strike area in the North Loop of Minneapolis


IBEW 292 History | February 2013

The Rally

The painting depicts a large-scale rally that took place at the parade grounds in Minneapolis on an August evening in 1934. Carlos Hudson, a member of teamster local 574's leadership and brother to the artist, described the scene:

"The parade grounds mass meeting was held to demonstrate support for local 574 by trade unionists and sympathizers, its demand for a living wage (in that long ago time set at 42 1/2 cents an hour). How the employers resisted that modest demand. Speaker after speaker demanded that the state militia called out by Governor Floyd B Olson not be used against the strikers but rather to support the strikers' insistence that scab driven trucks be kept off the street. Many families brought their children to the mass meeting fellow trade unionists were asked to join local 574's picket lines."

Local 574 won the strike in August 1934. During its struggle many unions and tens of thousands of citizens joined together to challenge the power of the business elite to impose unjust economic and working conditions on their lives. Like social movements before and after, people awakened to their strength -- solidarity in a righteous cause. They formed a labor movement which would ripple outward from the Minneapolis coal yards to have a national impact putting into practice the principle of collective action; that is, when people come together as equals, with common purpose, great things are possible. Printed by the graphic arts Institute and members of the graphic communications Union Local 1 – M 651-645-0833 permission to reproduce the painting courtesy of Carlos Hudson with photographs and design by Michael J Irestone.


IBEW Local 292 One Hundredth Anniversary Celebration July 13, 2002 - History of 292.


We are working on our history display cabinet at the hall, and it is looking great. If you have some memorabilia please bring it down and we'll consider it - we are looking for old IBEW 292 items. We had donated some 1937 IBEW 292 membership meeting pins and a set of 1927 Hawkins electrical books. Additionally we have started a Labor Library with the following titles:

  • Labor's Untold Story
  • Strike!
  • American City - A Rank and File History of Minneapolis
  • A Union Against Unions
  • From the Folks Who Brought You the Weekend
  • Ladies of Labor, Girls of Adventure
  • Dreams of Dignity, Workers of Vision
  • Framed! Labor and the Corporate Media
  • Dynamite: The story of class violence in America
  • Teamster Power
  • Teamster Rebellion
  • Teamster Bureaucracy
  • There is Power in a Union
  • Rank & File
  • Solidarity Unionism
  • A People's History of the United States
  • Why Unions Matter
  • The Battle of Wisconsin 2011
  • DVD Labor's Turning Point-MPLS Truck Strikes
  • Audio CD of Joe Glazer - I Will Win
  • Blue Collar Jesus
  • Solidarity Forever
  • Hard Times
  • The Death and Life of American Labor
  • Only One Thing Can Save Us
  • Save Our Unions
  • Movie: Clockwork




Untold Stories - Labor History Series - April 12 - May 21, 2012

Untold Stories celebrates its fourteenth anniversary with a month of lectures, tours, performances and more! Visit this website for more details on the Labor History Series presented by the Friends of the Saint Paul Public Library:

Look back through history, and see previous years' events:

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