Join us on the second Tuesday of each month at 12:30 pm for a light snack, refreshments and our monthly retiree meeting  

Retiree's  will meet  in June, July and August 2016,  

at their regular scheduled time.  



Email -

Vmail - 612.710.8782

President - Paul Klesmit

 IBEW Local 292
2803 Clearwater Road
St Cloud, MN 56301
St Cloud (320) 253-1292
Fax  (320) 253-3014
IBEW Local 292
312 Central Ave SE, Suite 292
Minneapolis, MN 55414
Main (612) 379-1292
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Fringe Benefit Office
6900 Wedgewood Rd. N. Suite 425
Maple Grove, MN 55311
Main (763)-497-0072
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Retirees Xmas Party - Dec. 14th

Invitations via mail to follow.  Contact retirees at v-mail or email listed above for info.

 NEBF has notified Local 292 that as of January 1, 2017, IBEW retirees collecting the NEBF Pension may work for a maximum of 600 hours during calendar year 2017 without a monthly hour restriction. To follow suit, the Local 292/NECA Benefits Trustees have agreed to allow retirees to also collect their Local Pension while working a maximum of 600 hours during 2017. Questions may be directed to the Benefits office or the Local 292 business office. 

Recently Deceased

February 2017

Daniel Bennett,  Mike Priem's Son - William Akes, John "Jerry" Pekar,  Tom McCoy's Dad - Thomas Daly McCoy,  Donald Jacques' Wife - Barbara Jacques,  Jerome Grewe,  Robert Widme's Wife - Lorraine Widme, Darrin Snaza,  Lloyd Peterson,    

January 2017

Charles Lindberg's (deceased) Wife - Violette Lindberg,  Jack Carlson's Mom - Stacie Carlson, Herbert Lemke,  Dale Benson's Wife - Mary Benson,  Ralph Wermerskirchen,  Steve Oxley's Wife - Barbara Oxley,  Gary Walen's Daughter - Jane Luhman

December 2016

Gilbert Barnhill Jr.,  Theodore Platz's Wife - Patricia Platz

November 2016

John Beverly Javner, Lawrence Martin,  Daniel Tolbert,  Larry Ludwig's Father-in-law - Robert Donnay,  Todd Moen's Dad - Roger Moen,  Donald Lilledahl,  Albert J. 'Al' Loehlein

October 2016

James Stephen '(Steve)' Demoret,  Bernie Molitor's Dad - Frank Molitor, Lonnie Rossing's Dad - Brian Rossing,  Wendy Wyatt,  Brandon Dickenson's Daughter - Autumn Dickenson, Edry "James" Hagen,  Mark Peterson's Daughter - Rachel 

September 2016

James Aleshires' Nephew - Bryce Holthaus, Jeff Josephson,  Scot Feske's Dad - Theodore Feske,  Julie Bell's Grandson - Carter Howell,  Ernest Desmarais,  Tim Ravn's Uncle - Paul Ravn,  Wyman Spoors, 

August 2016

Richard Grugal,  Art Ingebredtsen,  Daniel Dixon,  Mike Moreen's Dad - Paul Moreen,  Pierre Weinand,  Matthew J. Carlson,  David Lyons,  Mike Parkos' Sister - Sharon Miller,  Gary Carlson,  James Aleshire’s Brother - William Aleshire, Matthew Carlson,  David Farnham,  Gerald Sandstrom,  Les Rudolph's (deceased) Wife - Elizabeth Rudolph    

July 2016

Kenneth Jerde,  Tim Fischer's Dad - Ed Fischer,  Dion and Dwan Hurt's Dad - Earnest Fells,  Robert Buck,  Annette Hurtado's Brother - Robert Hurtado,   Local 12 Staff - Yolanna Grainger's Dad -  William Lemons, Sheldon Vanesse's Wife - Carolyn Vanesse,   Steve Wegwerth's Mom - Miriam Wegwerth,  Pierre Weinand   

June 2016

Winston "Bud" Henke,  Winston "Bud" Henke's Wife - Dorothy Kropp,  Raymond Kramer,  Joe Bertrand's Mom - Karen Bertrand,  Donald Meinhadt's Wife - Barbara Meinhardt,   Richard Streitz,  Richard Rainey's Mom - Yvonne Rainey,  Dave Malecha's Brother -  Daniel Malecha,  Paul Remus' Mom - Loraine Remus,  Jeana Kunkel's Grandmother - Isabel Kunkel,  Joe Koppi's (deceased) Wife / Joe, Sue and Teresa's Mom - Mary Kay Koppi, John Schlitz's Brother - Terry Schlitz,  John Gordharner's (deceased) Wife - Janet Gordharner,  Vincent Feuerstein's Wife - Janice Feuerstein,  Kenneth Jerde       

May 2016

Robert Keegan,  James Vande Velde,  Mark Blegen's Mom - Fern Blegen,  William Schwartz,  Edward McKay Owner - Gopher Electric,  Justin Oase 

April 2016

Gerald Degidio, Byron Kinkel"s (deceased) Wife - Nancy Kinkel,  Clarence Mickelburg's (deceased) Wife - Mildred Mickelburg,  Myron Bipes' Wife - Carol Bipes,  Brian Peterson's Mom - Velma Peterson,  Joseph Swierczyk,  Lawrence Franks

March 2016

Dennis Niemi's Mom, Margaret Niemi,  Ronald Buchholz's Wife - Deanna Buchholz, Cameron Strand

February 2016 

Gail Bangle’s (292 Trust Office) Husband - Donny Bangle,  Ted T. Johnson,  Paul W. Kariniemi,   Warren Day,   Gerry Wegner,  Mary Wittig’s Mom - Wilma Wittig,  Cyril Kalthoff,  Daniel Reichel,  Dexter Powell's Dad - Charles Washington,  Frank S. Slovak Jr,  Bruce Troge's Dad - Clair Troge,  Marvin Schaeffer 

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