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As a reminder, Minnesota Law allows workers to take time off to vote without losing pay.

From the Secretary of State Website:

You have a right to take time off work to vote without losing your pay, personal leave, or vacation time:

  • Your employer must pay you for the time you need to vote, if it falls within your scheduled work time. Your employer cannot require you to use personal leave or vacation time (see Minnesota Statutes 204C.04 and 204C.08 subd. 1d).
  • Take only as much time as you need to vote and go to work.
  • Your employer cannot directly or indirectly refuse, limit, or interfere with this right, including what time you choose to vote.
  • Your employer can ask that you tell them when you will be gone, and ask that employees coordinate their absences to minimize workplace disruptions.

For more information: https://www.sos.state.mn.us/elections-voting/election-day-voting/time-off-work-to-vote/


The below listed candidates are proven friends of the IBEW and have been endorsed by the IBEW Local 292 COPE committee.

As of September 18, 2020


US SENATE                          Tina Smith

US HOUSE CD 1                 Dan Feehan

US HOUSE CD 2                 Angie Craig

US HOUSE CD 3                 Dean Phillips

US HOUSE CD 5                 Ilhan Omar

US HOUSE CD 6                 Tawnja Zahradka

US HOUSE CD 7                 Collin Peterson


MN SUPREME COURT    Paul Thissen

MN STATE SEANTE 13     Michael Willemsen

MN STATE SENATE 14     Aric Putnam

MN STATE SENATE 17     Fernando Alvarado

MN STATE SENATE 18     Chad Tschimperle

MN STATE SENATE 20     Jon Olson

MN STATE SENATE 29     Chris Brazelton

MN STATE SENATE 30     Diane Nguyen

MN STATE SENATE 34     Bonnie Westlin

MN STATE SENATE 36     John Hoffman

MN STATE SENATE 37     Jerry Newton

MN STATE SENATE 40     Chris Eaton

MN STATE SENATE 41     Mary Kunesh

MN STATE SENATE 44     Ann Johnson Stewart

MN STATE SENATE 45     Ann Rest

MN STATE SENATE 46     Ron Latz

MN STATE SENATE 47     Addie Miller

MN STATE SENATE 48     Steve Cwodzinski

MN STATE SENATE 49     Melissa Lopez Franzen

MN STATE SENATE 50     Melissa Halverson Wiklund

MN STATE SEANTE 59     Bobby joe Champion

MN STATE SENATE 60     Kari Dziedzic

MN STATE SENATE 61     Scott Dibble

MN STATE SENATE 62     Omar Fateh

MN STATE SENATE 63     Patricia Torres Ray


MN STATE HOUSE 13A   Katy Westlund

MN STATE HOUSE 14A   Tamara ‘Tami’ Calhoun

MN STATE HOUSE 14B    Dan Wolgamott

MN STATE HOUSE 17A   Ben Dolan

MN STATE HOUSE 18B    Heather Bakke

MN STATE HOUSE 29A   Rennee Cardarelle

MN STATE HOUSE 30A   Chad Hobot

MN STATE HOUSE 30B    Brad Kovach

MN STATE HOUSE 33A   Caitlin Cahill

MN STATE HOUSE 33B    Kelly Morrison

MN STATE HOUSE 34A   Brian Raines

MN STATE HOUSE 34B    Kristin Bahner

MN STATE HOUSE 35A   Mike Erickson

MN STATE HOUSE 35B    Jason Ruffalo

MN STATE HOUSE 36A   Zach Stephenson

MN STATE HOUSE 36B    Melissa Hortman

MN STATE HOUSE 37A   Erin Koegel

MN STATE HOUSE 37B    Amir Malik

MN STATE HOUSE 40A   Michael Nelson

MN STATE HOUSE 40B    Samantha Vang

MN STATE HOUSE 41A   Connie Bernardy

MN STATE HOUSE 41B   Sandra Feist

MN STATE HOUSE 44A   Ginny Klevorn

MN STATE HOUSE 44B    Patty Acomb

MN STATE HOUSE 45A   Cedrick Frazier

MN STATE HOUSE 45B    Mike Freiberg

MN STATE HOUSE 46A   Ryan Winkler

MN STATE HOUSE 46B    Cheryl Youakim

MN STATE HOUSE 47A   Arlan Brinkmeier

MN STATE HOUSE 48A   Laurie Pryor

MN STATE HOUES 48B    Carlie Kotyza-Witthuhn

MN STATE HOUSE 49B    Steve Elkins

MN STATE HOUSE 50A   Michael Howard

MNSTATE HOUES 50B     Andrew Carlson

MN STATE HOUSE 55A   Brad Tabke

MN STATE HOUES 55B    Andrea Nelsen

MN STATE HOUSE 56A   Jess Hanson


MN STATE HOUSE 59B    Ester Abaje

MN STATE HOUSE 60A   Sydney Jordan

MN STATE HOUSE 60B    Mohamud Noor

MN STATE HOUSE 61A   Frank Hornstein

MN STATE HOUSE 62A   Hodan Hassan

MN STATE HOUSE 62B    Alisha Gomez

MN STATE HOUSE 63A   Jim Davnie

MN STATE HOUSE 63B    Emma Greenman


ANOKA COUNTY 1                            John LeTourneau

ANOKA COUNTY 2                            Noel Lutsey

ANOKA COUNTY 3                            Nyle Zikmund

ANOKA COUNTY 6                            Cindy Hansen

CARVER COUNTY 3                           Randy Maluchnik

HENNEPIN COUNTY 5                     Debbie Goettel

HENNEPIN COUNTY 6                     Chris LaTondresse

HENNEPIN COUNTY 7                     Kevin Anderson

BROOKLYN PARK Council               Lisa Jacobson

BROOKLYN CENTER Council          Alfreda Daniels

COLUMBUS City Council                Rob Busch

COON RAPIDS Council                    Chris Geiser

COON RAPIDS Council                    Sholondra Shipps-Gordon

CRYSTAL Council W4                       David Cummings

CRYSTAL Council W3                       John Budziszewski

MAPLE GROVE Council                   Kristy Janigo

MINNEAPOLIS School Board        KerryJo Felder

NEW HOPE City Council                 Andy Hoffe

PLYMOUTH City Council                 Milind Sohoni

ROBBINSDALE Mayor                     Bill Blonigan

ROBBINSDALE Council W1            Tyler Kline

ROBBISNDALE Council W2            Sheila Webb

RAMSEY City Council                       Jeff Menth


Who you vote for is your own business. You should know that after careful consideration and selection, the above candidates have been endorsed by the IBEW Local 292 COPE Committee; they are candidates that will fight for Labor and the values of working men and women and our families if they are elected to office.

Check on this page frequently for any updated and new endorsements.

If you have any questions about the candidates listed or not listed here or any candidates outside of the IBEW Local 292 geographical area, please go to the MN AFL-CIO endorsements website for a list of Labor friendly candidates:



Andy Snope asnope@ibew292.org or 612-617-4238.