1. Promote equal opportunity and employment for minorities and women at all levels of the IBEW structure; and other trade organizations.
  2. Foster leadership development and empower minorities and women members to become active participants and leaders in the IBEW; and other trade organizations.
  3. Assist IBEW minority and women members and other trade organizations who have discrimination complaints against its other members and management.
  4. Promote, support and assist the organizing of minority workers in the IBEW while helping them to develop leadership and organizational skills.
  5. Encourage minorities and women workers to be greater activists in community and political affairs that will insure the community in which they live will improve economically.
  6. Be actively involved in AFL-CIO Constituency Groups, human, civil, and women’s rights organizations to advance and support the cause of minority workers of the IBEW and other trade organizations.
  7. Establish a second chance initiative that will give minorities and women coming from the penal system an opportunity to join an organization that welcomes.


Willie Roller: President

Gerald Jones: Vice President

Delia Morehead: Secretary

Silva Gonzalez: Treasurer