Portability Clearance Form

    New Construction can be up to four (4) members
  • *Maintenance, service and specialty work shall be limited to 24 hours in duration or less. Employees must be cleared by their contractor for each project. All others must be cleared monthly.
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  • City in which the job is located
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  • Name Elec 1Last 4 SSNHome LocalCard NumberClassification 
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  • Cleared bargaining unit employees must be a member of Local 292 / 110 / 343 or reciprocity applies. Apprentices are not a part of this agreement. Copies of payroll reports must be made available to each local upon request. The intent of this procedure is not to lay off in one local to hire in another. Two (2) violations of this procedure in a one (1) year period of time will nullify the 292 procedure for that contractor and the national procedure with reciprocity and in-person clearance will apply. I understand and agree to abide by the portability procedures of Local 292 / 110 / 343 / N.E.C.A.
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