Sub Fund

To be eligible for the Supplemental Unemployment Benefit for a week, you must:

  • Have received at least $625 in employer contributions to your Individual Account between the last time that your Individual Account balance was $25 or less
  • You must complete the “Application for Sub Benefits”
  • You must submit the Payment Information page from the Minnesota Unemployment website weekly, after their payment has been deposited into your account. The page needed is under ‘View and Maintain my account.’ On the Payment Information page, you will need to click the ‘Search’ button under the date range to show the weeks itemized with the Payment Process date.
  • Please put your Medical ID Number or social security number on the page each time you submit it by mail or fax. You can also e-mail the pages to: with your Medical ID number in the subject line
  • Weekly payment is $300.00 less taxes

*Contact the IBEW 292 Benefits Office for the “Application for Sub Benefits” or visit their website at*